Aranda Bushland Nature Reserve

Part of Canberra Nature Park and a sanctuary for rare woodland plants

Aranda Bushland Nature Reserve is a 104-hectare protected area in northern Canberra.

The reserve features a remnant stand of Snow Gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora) surrounding a frost hollow. Frost hollows occur when cold winter air drains to the lowest ground and settles in a pool. It's too cold for most trees and shrubs to establish naturally, so grasses dominate. This hardy stand of Snow Gum stand is the best-preserved example in and around Canberra’s suburbs.

The reserve is popular for walking and cycling with a number of walking tracks and management trails, including access to Black Mountain Nature Reserve (under Caswell Drive). Mountain bike riding is only permitted on management trails.

Aranda Bushland is part of an extensive area of wooded vegetation that includes Black Mountain, O'Connor Ridge, Bruce Ridge, Mount Painter and The Pinnacle nature reserves. Together these reserves create a corridor enabling wildlife movement to and from the Molonglo and Murrumbidgee rivers.

Dogs are prohibited in the Snow Gums section of this reserve.

In the remainder of the reserve dogs are permitted on-leash on a track or trail only.