Glebe Park

A scenic urban park in Canberra’s city centre

Glebe Park covers 4 hectares on the eastern side of Canberra’s city centre. It features a stage, a 19th century-style rotunda, sculptures, barbecues, playgrounds, and a large grassy area.

This tranquil green space in the city reflects the character of a traditional English park. In summer, the English elms and oaks provide shade, and in autumn they turn gold.

The park’s borders that front roads are marked by a stone fence with steel railings, with access through formal gateways. The park is criss-crossed with paved paths. Each of the 10 gates is officially named to reflect the historic background of the area since European settlement. Names include St John's, Galliad Smith, Campbell and Canberry.

It is a popular park for weddings, public meetings, festivals and events (a permit may be required).

No dogs allowed. Please see the dog exercise area map for more information.

Glebe Park